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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Ok, well Sometime in our lives we want to quite something or atleast start lowering your time on something takes basicly takes over your whole life. No, I am not quiting well I might.
The time I spend on the computer is WAY over. Once I come home I go to the computer, not homework.
I am going to be taking a break because I am missing time to go outside( I just did) and some of my favorite sports that I like to play are coming up. Plus State tests are coming up and I want to get my brain working again, from spending to much time on the computer. I spend so much time on the computer that I type so fast I misspell words( I just did) and my butt is starting to get fat.
So if I like my break, I will only post once in a while or quit all together.
I want to start working my brain again. I went from red cards( good cards) in 5th grade to white cards in 6th grade( the one I am in now) but my grades have gotten better I have 5 out of 8 A's on my recent report card, I finally feel confident. I do not know what had over come me from August to December. I think it was because I needed a boy in my life. I started getting better when I discovered Justin Bieber. and I got my now Ex Boyfriend Danny.
I am still going to play mystery games because I love mystery, I am starting to read books again, and the games I play on the computer from dics help me and my mom.
The only time I will be online is because I am checking blogs, stardoll, my myspace. my farmville, and my youtube. My goal is to reach about 3 to 4 hours on the computer a day, I know it is a hard task but I know I will get to it.

My break will start tomorrow, and end on friday, a whole week. I might post but not sure, maybe on my free time.

Now since I will be gone and we barley have any writers. I will be holding a writing contest.
The rules: you must be 12 or older
have experence with blogging.
and have a stardoll account.
NOW THE QUESTIONS!!!!( sorry I sound like a man on a game show lol)
1. Whats you name?
2. stardoll name?
3. How long have you been on stardoll?
4. How old are you?
5. Have you ever owned a blog?
6. Do you have experence with Blogger?
5. Why do you want to be a write for STS?
6. Write a paragraph, it can be about anything. But I mostly want to see about you.:)
Thank you-
Abby JC(the first letter of my middle and last name)
THE LAST DAY TO ENTER IS SATURDAY OR SUNDAY!!!( I am free on sunday but it might be late in the day when I check.
You sign up in the comments or guestbook( I am opening up for this purpose only)

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