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Monday, April 26, 2010

ok, Can't walk -_-

Ok, I just tried walking and can't walk on BOTH feet only one-_- btw we are leaving because be and lucy just need a break from the blog. We might come back, we might not.

This is from Lucy :)

I just wanted to say that we will all probably go on a vacation. Since fairy in MIA and me and Abby ( Cheerleader2648 ) are really busy, so we will probably take a 2 month break or something. This doesn't mean we will be " not posting " on the blog. We just won't post as often. If you do want to hear me more, then just visit my blog : LucyPlease. We will miss you guys so much!

PS. Fairy Is no longer with us on the blog, she has not posted in the past few months, so she is no longer here:(


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