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Monday, April 12, 2010

Kohl's and Justice Haul

Ok I finally have it the Kohl's and Justice haul after a week and 3 days?

opps wrong pic, btw that's my baby Cousin
This is one of my swimsuit tops, I just LOVE this one.
These are the bottoms.

A bikini top:)

This is a top

These are the bottoms that go with the bikini top and the top above:)

These are shorts, for anything. they say soccer in the pink.

These are shorts, Cheerleading, the reason I got shorts is because of Baton camp coming up at the end of June beginning of July:)( I wont be here for about 4 to 5 days, unless I get a phone, or Ipod touch:)

I am wearing the socks I have more like ones that are neon with stars( I am curently wearing them) and one with strips, but these are my favorite pair. The purple is my friendship anklet bracelet, my friend has a blue one.

That is the Kohl's haul, now for Justice!
Pajama Pants

Another Pair of Pajama pants

This is the top to go with the blue shorts:)
Neon Bikini Top:)

These are the bottoms.

but I have never been to one of his concerts:(
A webkinz Elephant, I collect Webkinz, I have been since I was 9 or 10
A webkinz Beagle

A webkinz Kangaroo
Okay that's it, I am going to put a add at the bottom of the page for Daisy Rock Guitars, I am putting it down there because they have great guitars for girls of all ages. And plus I LOVE music, so yah:)
-A.J, Abby( same person just different names, cheerleader2648)


Lucy said...

I like it! I was kind of hoping we would do something else on the blog, instead of just stardoll news, lol.

cheerleader2648 said...

yeah, I just change it.