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No this is not the history you would fall asleep in. This is the history of the blog.
Back in 2007( long time ago I know) I was only 9, I wanted to dress up dolls, I found stardoll. I really loved it, so I made my account. I loved it but could not do much, only buy clothes.
Then a year went by
Then two years went by.
When I was bored one day, I searched dress up dolls, then I found stardoll AGAIN, I thought, I remember stardoll, I found my old password, and when I got back on the site, nothing has changed much.
Then I found clubs and chat and add friends, so I created my account that had a fake age on it, then another because I did not like it. Then I went on that for awhile and loved it again, but then I started to look for cheats or free stuff, I Found it, a stardoll blog. The stardoll Insiders, then I found another blog in blogger.
I kept up with them, and they helped me get out of the scams and every thing( like past this to 5 clubs you get a dress). Then I thought, I think I will make a blog of my own.
I used to be the only writer, then I thought this was alot of work and I needed help so I asked my friend Aercrombie97 she wrote with me for a while, Then I was by myself, I asked other girls, they never Appeared. But then I meet Fairy, we became good frinds on stardoll, I then asked her to write,she said yes.
Then we wanted other writer, got turned down.
Then I meet a girl I could truly trust, Lucy.
We became good friends on stardoll and I asked her, she said yes.
We had 3 girls, Abby(Me), Lucy, and Fairy(Didi)
but then fairy got a little busy.
and the blog started to go a little down hill, then we did a makeover on the blog, and Lucy started to do graphics:)
That is where we are all today,but the surprise is that only 2, 12 year olds write for this blog and also a 13 year old, Surprised? Some people are:D