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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sparkle Award Winners!

Here are the winners:
Best Female MeDoll

Best Icon Style

Best Male MeDoll

Best Suite

Best Album

Best Scenery: Vita don Teese

Best Designer:

Best Graphics Artist:

Best Stardoll Persona:

Sparkle Award:


I have posted the next 4 pages of Eternity

Friday, February 26, 2010

Eternity Released!

Yes, Eternity is finally released, kind of. What I mean  is that eternity will release one page of the magazine, one day at a time, for now, they released the cover:D, I will post the page each day.( sorry I cant move the pic:()

As you can tell, you have gone over with a makeover, we are doing this in I think steps.

Also, no, my dads computer is not fixed, I am on my computer, but I have a new browser named Opera, I will NOT go on Internet explorer on my computer because I think that IE hates my computer. I will try to get firefox, so I will be able to switch between Opera and Firefox:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to get the : rare LE dresses and shirts!


Hey everyone!

I was going to post the " Free Voile Belt " but I tested it again, and you have to pay the full 2 stardollars. Today I am going to post on how you get the LE dresses that only stardollians could get when they had bought a superstar membership in the past. I have recently gotten the Alexander McQueen Bustier Top and love it! I think it goes the best with a skirt instead of jeans. Just to let you know, these are only avaliable for superstars who have a lot of money ( thank goodness I just got my 200 sd! )

1. Go to your Stardoll mail account and type this url in the sidebar. I will show the pictures with the link here.

Alexander McQueen Bustier Tube Top         65$

Yellow and Black Dress                               100$ 

White Poppy Dress                                       175$

Black Detailed Dress                                    150$

I used all of the codes from the Stardoll Insider. I was going to post the Leopard Print Bag, but that bag had apparently sold out?! 


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Computer Problems:(

Hey, my computer got struck with another virus:(, It seams I might of got it from, stardoll, or facebook. If you have been getting virus from twitter, fun140.com, facebook, myspace, stardoll, meez, or blogger, please tell me. If it comes from blogger or stardoll, then, I might have to hand over the blog, because I wont be able to go on stardoll. There is another reason, email, the only emails I have been opening is from Lucy(about 2 weeks ago) , and myspace, and to get my passwords back. If you get virus from any og those please tell me.
This might actually be my last post, might not.
I will TRY to post the free voile belt when I can, I am sleepy atm, and I took a nap instead of studying(opps!)
Actually for me not posting on the blog as much, my grades have gone up, and I have been doing better in other things to, so I will probably post, on weekends, or something.
Now I know some ppl have been asking about fairy, well fairy, she is busy with school work and other things, I am still keeping her on the blog.
Now for Lucy? I have not been able to talk to fairy about her making it, but.....
(banner coming later, maybe)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been to busy with LucyPlease. Anyway, there is nothing much on Stardoll that is new. New clothes have been released that were in the spoilers over 4 months ago, I believe. Also, they Styelin collection has been released. I really like this brand because I resembles modern fashion today and what any girl would wear on a regular day. And Kohls clothes have been released. YAY!

- Lucy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Urban Magazine

Yay I am back, I like to think Lucy for doing all the posts for me, I am going to update, I am done going through suites and all that, for the sparkle awards. I am really wondering how you get those little tabs at the top, I am wondering so I can put like the free stuff tab and that.
Any way Urban Magazine was realised:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuff By Hilary Duff On Sale!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I can't put a picture up. I am in a rush. Anyway, I was just looking through all of the stores and found that " Stuff by Hilary Duff " is now on sale! I WAS SO EXCITED. Everything is under 3 sd, so don't worry. The sad part is that it is only for superstars :(. And probably the February sale might be starting soon? IDK.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey, I think I might the first to post this, there is now a princess and the frog studio.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Hey the resean I had the blog closed was for so I could make some changes, like puzzle, new gadjet, playlist and.... banner. There are more changes to come so stay tuned.

Fierce Spolier!

Here it is:

Tip: free stuff coming up soon.

LE Dress

Well it seams there is a very pretty LE Dress, you get it by if you renew or buy stardoll membership, but the only way to get it was from a message you got from stardoll, if another acount of yours got it this is how you get it:

1. Open the Message, on the acount that got it.

2. open another tab, and open stardoll.

3. log out and log in with the acount that has superstar

4. go back to the tab that has the message.


Underneath stardoll said to use firefox, I have internet Explorer, and they said they do not know if it works, if it does tell me.:) because I might be superstar soon lol.

O I read the underneath stardoll post fearther and found out that only non ss who were ss before got the message.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Even though I haven't had school since last Wednesday, I have been really busy and all. I just wanted to make a quick blog post saying happy valentines day! I hope you spend it with the on you love. On Stardoll news, I thought that they would give out some kind of valentines day gift, but didn't. Greedy Stardoll!

Happy v-day!


I am working on a new banner, too. So stay tuned!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kohls Spoilers!

Hey everyone!

So, today I am going to tell you about the new Kohls spoilers. By spoilers I mean by what is to come in Stardoll. I like these clothes, a lot. I think they are very spring-ish and will fit with any outfit that you are putting together. Here they are!

- Lucy

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ok, I am very sad atm, ALEXANDER MCQEEN IS DEAD! yep you heard it here and other stardoll blogs,McQeeen is now dead at age 40. Fashion will never be the same.

What does this mean?

Hey everyone,

I am back again, here with another Stardoll post. The post is about the Amy Claire store. I found a ad today when I was going to the StarBazaar. Here it is :

Does this mean that the Amy Claire store isn't staying forever!

I will be so mad!

- Lucy

Amy Claire Store Is Out!

Hey everyone! So, guess what? What Lucy? THERE IS A NEW STORE IN THE STARPLAZA! Say what? Yes. There is a new store. I am so glad, because I can't stop at Bisou any more. Thumbs up! I am pretty sure that Taylor Swift wore the long red dress and the white dress on the left. Tell me in the comments! I also like how the shoes black shoes are non-superstar. Thank you, Stardoll!

Tell me what you think about the new clothes in the comments!

- Lucy



Hey Guys, I was not working yesterday(kinda) I went snowmobiling! It was so fun.(atleast I can get out of my house) We Tipped once, and got stuck twice(that is what I mean about the kinda), I searched for half a hour so..... yah. Well I or Lucy or Fairy will post the free stuff and spoliers.:)
Well probably some of you are wondering what happened to Fairy, well idk, I talked to her the other day, when she comes back she is going to explain.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Line on Stardoll!


So, I am snowed in my house. And by snowed in, I mean SNOWED IN. Hopefully I don't lose my power today, that would really stink. It is supposed to snow another 2 FEET on top of the 2 ft that we already had! Anyway, now to the Stardoll news. Like Cheerleader2648 mentioned in her post below, the 50 million member clothes and decorations have been released. I really like them and they are all non-ss! That is a MAJOR BONUS. I saw a new line on Stardoll that is called " Flesh for Fantasy " and I think it is going to be somewhat fairytale - ish, but I don't know. Here is the pic:

Just to let everyone know, this is a Stardoll banner. I did not steal this from another Stardoll site. If you want to see the " upcoming " clothes from this line, go to the new superstar doll, which is Shakira 4. 


-  Lucy


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yay stardoll has hit 50 million! But heres the catch, look at the prizes, altough they are free, the some that cost stardollers, are ugly.

(pictures curtasey of Stardoll's Most Wanted)


Hey, I am done searching for the night, actually I stoped about 3:00 but I went outside and played in 2 1/2 feet of snow! so fun!
I am going to put a couple polls up soon. One is for me, I need help picking a graphic. and the other is since I am a seacher, I already have some ppl I like, well there are alot, and I need YOU guys to help me out and see who will make it to a nominie.:) The graphic post will be up tonight.
UPDATE: sorry I put 4 1/2 I meant to put 2 1/2, but some of the snowpiles were that high, lol.


Hello everyone,

My name is Lucy ( the owner of LucyPlease ) and I am the new writer here on this marvelous, pretty, and exciting blog! If you would like to check out my Stardoll suite, it is Superlra14. Anyway, I am going to make up for Cheerleader2648's posts. This is just a " let me introduce myself " post, but later I am going to do a Stardoll blog post. I just wanted to quickly introduce myself and I will talk to all of you wonderful readers later!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey girls

Hello, I am busy working on a very important proget for Stardoll's most wanted. I am a searcher and that means I have to look all across stardoll, I am on the 1st step, followers on the SMW, there are 46+ pages to go through and I am only on page 3:( and I have been working since 12:30 and it is now 2:09. I will post when I can, when Lucy comes in hopefully she can make up for my missing posts.
I will miss you guys.
(right now I am taking a break, on breakes I check e mail, and other stardoll blogs, and facebook:D)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


There are some awards going on:
The freakshow Awards and The Awards.
they are now doing voting
The FreakShow Awards:
The Awards:
Now there is a new awards The Sparkle Awards.
Now I am one of the searchers, so I will be very busy looking for ppl.
the info: http://hotbuysbazaar.blogspot.com/2010/02/reintroducing.html

Before I made this blog.

Ok before I made this blog, and started to really go on stardoll, I was into build a bearville..... and there was a blog about it and you had a aviie-avatar, and ppl could make you them. I used to be one of those, and I still do it when I have time, Here is my work:

This was a graphic I made a while ago(early January)

This was my last graphic I made, its sopposed to sparkle

This is a graphic that was made for me, I still have it on...., I did not actually go to washington, we went to chigago instead(reminds me to post pictures....) it will be changed today or tommorrow.
(Goes to dads pictures)
A layered graphic
needed one with more then one head

The 1st graphic I made with my charater

another graphic

This is probably one of the best graphics I have made, I drew the ipod and earbuds.
umm, this was another graphic
this girl loved mexico soccer
That is my graphics that I have made.


Ok, I know the banner is really crappy, there might be another one, but reira is busy she will only be able to do writer banners. If any body knows any other graphic artists, tell me. and I could not fill all the white spots.

The Header

ok so I know the header is out of date a litte, well I will be working on one tommorrow, But the reasen I have not been working on it is because, I am missing one thing from it, I am not telling you what though. Only me and Fairy and one of the followers know.:) I know I am posting late but, I am awake.

Friday, February 5, 2010


ok, I am sorry I have not been on, I am working on school work and everything, and I am trying not to spend all my free time with stardoll.
There is a new skintone shop and also a valentine days shop with Pretty in Pink.

There is also a garilla quiz:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
and the answers are:
3:All of the above
4: scare of anyother animals.
(the picture I took)
You can get chocolate if you go to a party:
Also when you get a gift, if you scroll over it, it tells who gave it to you.

There are some chat changes
If you got invited to a party and it is going on you get this:
and when somebody messages you, instead of haveing the pink blinking light you now get this:
(PS. while I am writing this post there is like a blizzard outside, no I did not get released early, I got cancled, because I was sopposed to go bowling and if we dismissed we wont get to the school on time.)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Card

Well , I was on the target website, and I looked upstardoll and it brought up this card:
it looks like the new sd membership card

Monday, February 1, 2010

The grammys

OMg I watched the grammys last night, they were amazing!

When it started ladygaga did her preformance, it was fantastic.

But I have a question did Gaga wear some Alexander McQuins?

I like her dress.

and alot of ppl preformed it was the best grammys I have ever watched.

I will update on who won what.( I remember taylor swifts.) Also I know Beyonce took home 10 grammys is what I heard.

Taylor Swift- Best Country Album of the year, Best Album of the year.