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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Before I made this blog.

Ok before I made this blog, and started to really go on stardoll, I was into build a bearville..... and there was a blog about it and you had a aviie-avatar, and ppl could make you them. I used to be one of those, and I still do it when I have time, Here is my work:

This was a graphic I made a while ago(early January)

This was my last graphic I made, its sopposed to sparkle

This is a graphic that was made for me, I still have it on...., I did not actually go to washington, we went to chigago instead(reminds me to post pictures....) it will be changed today or tommorrow.
(Goes to dads pictures)
A layered graphic
needed one with more then one head

The 1st graphic I made with my charater

another graphic

This is probably one of the best graphics I have made, I drew the ipod and earbuds.
umm, this was another graphic
this girl loved mexico soccer
That is my graphics that I have made.


Anonymous said...

I used to play on Build-A-Bearville, too. Stardoll is my new addiction :)

cheerleader2648 said...

I know, stardoll is my addicton to, hey maybe I am your friend, Abbydiva5?

Anonymous said...

I was PennyDivaBear4. Lemme check!

Anonymous said...

it wasn't on mine :(

cheerleader2648 said...

ok, I dont go on babv that much anymore, i quit like a week after I got a build a bear, that was when school started, and I got more addicted to stardoll:D