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Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey girls

Hello, I am busy working on a very important proget for Stardoll's most wanted. I am a searcher and that means I have to look all across stardoll, I am on the 1st step, followers on the SMW, there are 46+ pages to go through and I am only on page 3:( and I have been working since 12:30 and it is now 2:09. I will post when I can, when Lucy comes in hopefully she can make up for my missing posts.
I will miss you guys.
(right now I am taking a break, on breakes I check e mail, and other stardoll blogs, and facebook:D)


Lucy said...

good luck! I am not a searcher, though. What do you have to do?

cheerleader2648 said...

You have to go through, suites and check who has logged in and who is winning stuff and look at followers, its hard work, I might be done for the day, you are even on my list.:)

Lucy said...

Cheerleader2648, I emailed you. Reply back whenever!

cheerleader2648 said...

Okay I replied to you.