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Monday, February 1, 2010

The grammys

OMg I watched the grammys last night, they were amazing!

When it started ladygaga did her preformance, it was fantastic.

But I have a question did Gaga wear some Alexander McQuins?

I like her dress.

and alot of ppl preformed it was the best grammys I have ever watched.

I will update on who won what.( I remember taylor swifts.) Also I know Beyonce took home 10 grammys is what I heard.

Taylor Swift- Best Country Album of the year, Best Album of the year.


Anonymous said...

I think her shoes are Alexander McQueen, because I have saw those shoes in his runway shows.

cheerleader2648 said...

o btw lucy I need your email, so I can give you acess.just mai l me somehow.

Anonymous said...

No problemo. Will send you it right now.