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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Avon review

Ok, some of you are probaly thinking " why is she not posting about stardoll?"
Well I want to mix the club up a bit and plus when stardoll is boring( like now) me and Lucy will do some fun things:).
Ok, I wil divide the review into 4 parts: Lotion/body wash, clothing, Jewelry, Makeup .:)

Skin so soft body wash: Ok I just LOVE this product, when I was itching really bad it healed my skin and also I stopped itching.
Pro: You won't itch
Con: um somtimes they don't come in big bottles.
( I do not know about the lotion, we have it but I have not used it yet)
Avon Naturals: I love these products they smell so good!
Pro: Smell good and plus you can hang them up
Con: Make you itch:( ( but depends on your skin, I use lotion afterward)
The hand lotion that comes in the bottles:
I love them they come in a variety or smells. I have sweet honesty and also one in a green then another one in Purple containers.
Con: No con:)
Mickey Shoes with heel: I just LOVE these shoes they even have a little mickey head on the shoes:)
Pro: So cute
Con: if you wear a six wait until you can wear a 7 because they are large in there sizes( I wear 6, I can not wear my 6 mickey shoes:( )
Key to heart:
I love this necklace I am wearing it right now, and people are coming up to me and saying they LOVE it.
Pro: They come in gold and silver, and great for any thing. Friend ship keys or for you and your mom
Con: um no con, but my mom said they look cheap in the book, but in real life FABULOUS!
Little star: I liked this in the book and thought it was perfect for the light a little star. Plus I got it on sale, 2 for $20
Pro: So cute
Con: um they are really really small and only come in silver
Star bunch:I LOVED this, I thought it looked like a rock star necklace
Pro: SO CUTE, and they have diamond
Con: only come in silver.
This is going to be really long
3 in 1 mascara: I love it so cool, you have soft, alot, volumeized( lets say little, little more, alot)
Pro: 3 in 1:)
Con: when you pull it up you get a little clump of mascara at the end

Eye Liner: I like it, but be careful.
pro: come in a variety of colors
con: um how do you apply it?
Well that is it hope you liked my review

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