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Saturday, April 10, 2010


OKAY I know this is not stardoll related, but I want to post it. Okay, I want my dad to get a house in the florida keys or in fort lauderdale, because he goes down there for diving and everything. So I was thinking he could buy a house down there for scuba diving and Vacation. I want my dad to get a house in the keys and I want YOU to pick out the best one:)
Yes, I know they are pricy but thats the keys for you.
I have the link for the house, Sorry I could not copy and paste pictures wont let me.
btw this is what we want,
Ocean front with access to beach,
washer and dryer,
2 to 3 bedroom or more,
and 3 or more bedrooms,
House 1: HERE
House 2: HERE
House 3: HERE
House 4: HERE
House 5: HERE
House 6: HERE
House 7: HERE
House 8: HERE
House 9: HERE
House 10: HERE
House 1:HERE ( I LOVE this house)
House 2: HERE
Sorry I only wanted to do 2 for Lauderdales( there were so many other houses.
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