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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring gifts!

When I logged into stardoll this morning I found a mail and it lead me to this:
Its if you spend 15 stardollers, you get a gift.
Go HERE to go to the page.
if you are non-ss you can play the play and earn for 3 days:)
but as I have heard, you might get the same gifts over and over.
Maybe stardoll is doing some "spring cleaning"
UPDATE: I heard you get money to:D


Lucy said...

I got the " Pink Clutch " for my first gift. The only thing is that they should really make a meter like they did for the last prize giveaway at christmas. I am still trying to aim for my 2nd gift, though, lol.

cheerleader2648 said...

Yah, that would be more, organized