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Monday, November 2, 2009


almost everybody knows that Jenna from Stardoll's most wanted is leaving.
Well that might be the cass for me,It is the begining of the new quarter fro my school.My grades for the 1st qaurter were not pretty.Witch that means I might not be able to get my red card.The red card means like alot to me.It means I am very smart and I still want to be smart.But ever since I have been writing for this blog my grades have gone down.Yes down.I have more b's then a's and I am not happy at all.This is why I have not posted very often,if I do post that means I am pasing a chance to do my homework and study for a test(witch I am doing right now but I can do it later tonight and also that I am going trough some though times here.
I am not saying goodbye but I am saying I will not be postuing often.I will posubly be posting more during the weekend though because football season is over(for me),but around winter I will not be posting very much again because I will be snowmobiling(I live in a area where there is snow).

BTW.New writer coming.

my cournt grades.
so hopefully my extra A will help me.:)

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