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Friday, November 27, 2009

Earn Gifts for Spending Money in StarPlaza

That's right. For every stardollar you spend in the Starplaza this weekend you'll be one step closer to recieving one of their exclusive gifts: shoes, dresses, and bags.

If you want to see the page, here is the link: www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/soiree/

1st gift is at 1 stardollar: A purple bag that says "I (heart) love StarPlaza" on it

2nd gift is at 10 stardollars: A red dress with a glittery bow on it

3rd gift is at 20 stardollars: Blue heels

4th gift is at 50 stardollars: A faded white and blue dress (I think it was supposed to be with SD royalty.)

5th gift is at 100 stardollars: Hot pink and black dress with matching pink heels

6th (and the last) is at 200 stardollars: A DKNY Party Interior for your suite

Personally I believed no one spends that much money in a 3 day period (unless it's for LE, or Anitdote)

All NON-SS can still use play-and-earn money and buy something in starplaza and get the I (heart) Starplaza bag.
Here's a pic:

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